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 Kick-Ass (2010)

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Donald McKinney

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PostSubject: Kick-Ass (2010)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:57 pm

Kick-Ass was written by Mark Millar (who did Wanted) and illustrated by John Romita, Jr. (Marvel artists who has worked on Spider-Man and Iron Man) and published in 2008, and even before the comic book was published. The film rights were sold to producer/director Matthew Vaughn and his production company Marv Films, Vaughn is best known for producing Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000) and eventually directing Layer Cake (2004) and Stardust (2007), both were well received and made money. Vaughn was taking a big gamble with this, and when he took it around the studios in Hollywood in 2008. They all turned him down. Although they liked the concept, they didn't like all the ultraviolence and the swearing, which Vaughn was determined to keep in. With the doors to Hollywood all closed, Vaughn was not going to give in that easily, so he decided to raise the money himself. He had help from his friend Brad Pitt, who produced the film. But, he got it made, and he's succeeded with flying colours. Kick-Ass is a comic book movie which isn't dark and brooding, it's entertaining, engaging and jaw-dropping with it's action, stories and characters. It's a comic book movie and it knows it.

It has 17 year old Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), a geeky teenager who loves comic books, and he wonders why no-one has ever become a superhero for real. Dave's friends Marty (Clark Duke) and Todd (Evan Peters) say that anyone trying to be a superhero would have their ass-kicked in no time at all. He gets himself a green scuba suit and calls himself Kick-Ass, and has a go at fighting crime. It fails, he's stabbed and run over by a car. He's got metal plating in his bones and he can't feel pain anymore, but he won't give in. He sets up a MySpace page, and after fighting a gang beating up someone, his MySpace page gets hits, and YouTube videos of him appear. Meanwhile, top crime kingpin Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong) learns of the deaths of his men, and blames Kick-Ass for it, but it isn't Kick-Ass doing it. Turns out it's the work of ex-cop Damon McCready (Nicolas Cage) who is a masked hero under the alias of Big Daddy, and he's trained his daughter Mindy (Chloe Moretz) to fight crime and use guns and swords with a professional skill under the name of Hit-Girl. With D'Amico's men being killed, his son Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) has an idea, he becomes Red Mist to try and root out Kick-Ass, Big Daddy and Hit Girl.

It shouldn't be a mainstream film, but it is. It was made for a lowish budget, but it looks like it was made for alot more. After the enjoyable allstar fantasy adventure Stardust (2007), this is the opposite end of the spectrum. It's a mad, colourful film, and it's better than alot of the modern comicbook films that come from Marvel or DC or all that. It's grounded in reality, well some of it is, it does have it's moments of ridiculousness, but a comic book film wouldn't be as enjoyable without moments of unbelievability. Kick-Ass is well written, and it feels fresh and new. The screenplay by Vaughn and Jane Goldman (Jonathan Ross' wife) is excellent, sucking you into this world as is the cinematography by Ben Davis. It's all set in New York, but it was all filmed in Toronto, Canada and in London. Quite deceptive. It does change a few bits of the comic book especially in the last third, but it keeps the basic plot and the spirit of the comic book all the way.

The cast are amazing too, Aaron Johnson, who has made a name for himself portraying John Lennon in Nowhere Boy, is brilliant. Portraying a geeky teen who has aspirations up and beyond what he's capable of. This is a teen who doesn't know how much about action, but Dave loves his comic books, and it's his dream to be like one of them, which is something he fulfills. But the real revelation is Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl, a murderous 11 year old with a purple wig and with the tenacity and energy of a samurai warrior and a ultra-professional assassin. She steals every scene she's in, and from the moment she busts a gangsters pad which Kick-Ass is at, and she utters the already immortal line, "OK you cunts, let's see what you can do." You know this is the true hero of the film. Nicolas Cage also has his best role in well over a decade, he protrays a damaged, troubled father who is out for vengeance, and he's training up his daughter to help out, his delivery is like Adam West and even his costume is like Batman. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is best known for McLovin in Superbad, but this is different, and he shows a brillian streak of talent here, and his Red Mist proves to be a nasty piece of work. And as ever, Mark Strong just keeps getting better and better with each film he's in, he's worked with the best and he's well on his way to becoming one of the best actors of our generation, and his Frank D'Amico is another feather in the cap. His comeuppance at the end will have you whooping with absolute delight. Oh, and look out for Dexter Fletcher and Jason Flemyng. :Wink:

Works can't describe how good Kick-Ass is first time around, this is very different from all other comic book movies, and it even gives Watchmen a run for it's money. The action is very well choreographed, and a hell of a lot better than the action in dozens of other movies out these days. It's certainly not for kids, but it's still bloody good fun!! It's violent, uncomprimising, funny and always surprising. There should be more comic book movies like this!!

Vaughn has proven himself to be a quite unique and amazing talent with this film, he shows alot of confidence and panache with this, and it's clearly a labour of love. Even when no-one would fund it, he raised the money himself, and did it. He's gone from Guy Ritchie's regular producer to being a true talent to keep an eye out on. He even turned down the chance to do Thor in favour of this, and that takes balls to say no to something like that. But, this will forever and always be a better film than what Thor might be. This proves you don't need hundreds of millions to make an entertaining film, all you need is a good idea, which is what Kick-Ass was. It's done with such a professional sheen and violent elegance you pray for a sequel straight away, and whatever Vaughn does next will be worth watching!! Very Happy
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Gimli The Avenger

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PostSubject: Re: Kick-Ass (2010)   Thu Apr 01, 2010 7:08 am

Really good fun! Best comic book film in ages!

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Donald McKinney

Posts : 24232
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PostSubject: Re: Kick-Ass (2010)   Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:00 am

Glad you liked it!! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Kick-Ass (2010)   

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Kick-Ass (2010)
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